A state of the art catapult !

Open to all sectors of industry and research organisations, the Dynamics Test Centre (CED) disposes of a crash-test laboratory composed of:

  • A state of the art pneumatic reverse catapult de dernière génération (Seattle Safety), which is the most powerful in Europe (3.1 Mega Newtons, 90kph, 122 g, 3 000 kg usable payload). «Impact simulator », which allows for real time dynamics testing of structures and equipment (dashboard, seats, child seat restraints…).

The catapult guarantees the repeatability of multiple deceleration pulses complying with constructors’ specifications and meeting government reglulations.

Examples : ECE17 – ECE94 – ECE44 – Whiplash – EuroNCAP – USNCAP – FMVSS (202, 207, 208, 225) – AS8049…





Our crash-test laboratory comprises of :

  • A pool of fully equipped crash test dummies (Hybrid 2, Hybrid 3…) including a BIORID crash test dummy (Whiplash test)
  • A crash test dummy clinic and a calibration laboratory
  • Compact, mountable high speed cameras (Photron SA3) : 2 000 colour images per second at a resolution of 1024*1024.
  • A lighting system using HMI technology
  • A pyrotechnic management system
  • 3D measurement facilities ( FaroArm and Creaform no contact system)
  • Data acquisition systems (20 KHz Kayser-Threde)
  • Two independent preparation rooms guaranteeing total confidentiality
  • Two interchangeable “quick change” beds allowing for the preparation of a test during a pulse
  • The largest sled on the market (for loading a complete chassis).

Vidéo d’essais de la catapulte

Our know-how at your service :

More than just a test centre, the CED is your technology partner:

  • An expert operator : Faurecia Automotive Seating, a dedicated team of 13 highly qualified engineers and technicians on site.
  • A single contact for your project

Thierry-Olivier Magon, the CED manager, will advise you on each phase of your project, from the initial brief to the handing over of the final test report:

  • Defining the brief
  • The setting up of and the development of the tools in order to carry out your impact tests
  • Running the tests and meeting your expectations and complying with regulatory requirements

…At the same time keeping in mind :

  • Your need for confidentiality : lay out of the CED site and independent preparation rooms designed to guarantee test confidentiality (limited access and security checks).
  • the importance of deadlines (quick response and flexible scheduling )

Accreditation according to NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017 The Dynamic

The dynamic Testing Center (CED) is accredited by COFRAC on the ISO EC standard for its crash test activity. The importance of de This international recognition focuses on regulatory compliance in crashworthiness of automotive and aerospace seats according to the ECE 17 and AS 8049 standards.
cofrac Accreditation n° 1 – 6145 scope available on www.cofrac.fr