Three « Six-axis vibration tables » unique in the world

Open to all sectors of industry and research organisations, the Dynamics Test Centre (CED) disposes of a vibration test laboratory composed of two six-axis vibration tables allowing for the reproduction of 3D multi-axial simulations (road, aviation, seismic….).

(CEVAA) Thanks to the expertise, means of analysis and additional measurements (Doppler vibrometre, modal analysis, acoustic hologram…) of our partner, the Centre for Vibro-acoustic Automobile Studies (CEVAA), the CED is in a position to offer a complete range of solutions to your acoustic and vibration problems.

  • A six-axis vibration climate table for « durability » tests: integrated into a removable climate chamber, with a wide vibration and payload range, which allows for combined vibration, temperature and humidity tests.
    • Hexapod technology MTS 353.20
    • Movable climatic chamber (Hot – Cold – Humidity) 27m3, to carry out tests between -55°C and +85°C. Wide angle doors to facilitate the loading of large items.

  • A Six-axis acoustic vibration table for squeak and rattle tests: integrated in a semi-anechoic chamber meeting constructors’ requirements (electric car development, acoustic comfort…), the equipment allows for the objective measurement of squeaks and rattles.

The technology used by these two vibration tables meets constructors’ specifications and government regulations.
Examples : NF EN 61373 – NF EN 60068 – ISO 10326-2…

Our know-how at your service:

The CED, in close cooperation with the CEVAA, is your technology partner:

  • An expert operator: The Centre for Vibro-acoustic Automobile Studies (CEVAA- Rouen), accredited by the Regional Centre for Innovation and the Transfer of Technology (CRITT) in Upper Normandy. To find out more about CEVAA

A single contact for your project :

Thierry-Olivier Magon, the CED manager, will advise you on each phase of your project, from the initial brief to the handing over of the final test report:

  • Defining the brief
  • The setting up of and the development of the tools in order to carry out your impact tests
  • Running the tests and meeting your expectations and complying with regulatory requirements

…At the same time keeping in mind :

  • Your need for confidentiality : lay out of the CED site and independent preparation rooms designed to guarantee test confidentiality (limited access and security checks).
  • the importance of deadlines (quick response and flexible scheduling )